How to add .html extension to Pages?

Recently creating a WordPress site and i noticed a little problem, you can add .html in the settings which work fine for POSTS but not pages!

I wrote a small plugin that will add the .html to the end of PAGE urls, it will add the .html to the pages menu and add .html to the page slug when writing a new page.

You will need permalinks activated obviously

Download from the WordPress Plugin Directory, upload to your plugins folder, activate and away you go!

Links return to normal when you deactivate.
Removes trailing slash ( .html/ ) if you use them in permalinks.
Works on subpages.
Tested Wordpress 2.5.1 up to 3.2

Just tested and appears to work fine on a new WordPress 3.2.1 install 🙂

Why did i want .html extensions on my pages? when converting an old static site to WordPress this allowed me to keep the original URLs (which ended in .html) active