What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. In this we will make your website more search engines (Google, Bing, etc) friendly. When ever somebody search something related to your products/services, then your site should be in 1st page (top 10) of search results. So that users will open your website and go through the information on your site and if they like your product, then will contact you.

In this process, what users are typing in Google search bar, those are called as keywords. If we take our company as example, below are the keywords.

Example: website design hyderabad, website design company in hyderabad, website designers hyderabad, web design company hyderabad, best website designers in hyderabad, etc.

If you type any one of the above keyword, they are lac’s of results showing in Google. But how it is showing top 10 in first page?
That is what called as, those sites are Search Engine friendly.”
Search Engine friendly is not completely depends on our website. Search Engines will take 50% wait-age from website and remain 50% will take from other internet sources. So we need to make our website popular on other websites also. And also we need to keep post updates on Social media (Ex: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.) also. So that we will get 100% SEO score.